Account Consulting offers the following scope of services:

  • Account books keeping under the accounting act
  • Settlements of basic records
  • Settlements of  lump sum records
  • Settlements of VAT tax
  • Preparing and filing monthly and annual tax returns
  • Contacting tax authorities and helping during tax control and audits
  • Preparing statistical records for Main Statistical Office
  • Preparing records for National Bank of Poland
  • Company and projects budgets
  • Internal audit
  • Preparing analyses for board of directors
  • Preparing reports according to the standards chosen by the client
  • Preparing Charts of Accounts
  • Preparing annual financial statements
  • Keeping records of fixed assets, intangible assets and equipment
  • Organising accounting systems for new companies
  • Liquidation of tax arrears
  • Consultancy in establishing Accounting Policy
  • Settlements of  foreign financing (EU funds) and financing from the polish Budget
  • Preparing documentation necessary to open and close liquidation process
  • Preparing financial statements necessary to the process of liquidation
  • Keeping the company documentation after terminating the process of liquidation for the period of time provided by the law

Our prices are dependent on details of cooperation so that they are negotiated individually in each case.

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